Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Home Improvement

Last weekend rob was up in the attic putting in all new lights in the kitchen, we got rid of the one large florecent light and put in 4 recessed lights in the kitchen and pendant lights over the new bar and more recessed lights in the living room, where there were no lights before. it looks so great now and made such a big difference.

 Rob putting in the last window! we have now changed out all the windows in the house.

keeping busy

Here are the girls playing at story time at the library, they love it we go every week.
                    The girls always love to help mommy with chores around the house

Jemma helping mommy plant some wheat grass for a spring look around the house. she loves getting her hands dirty

baby shower gift

I made these reccently for one of my friends babyshowers, they are onsies with matching pacifier clips. now I need to make some for Liam

the last few months

Here are the girls after their first eye doctor apointment. they were both so great, they had a good time. the doctors were so impressed that they were so well behaved. I wanted to get them both to the eye doctor and dentist before Liam comes.

Here is Jordan, Jemma and daddy at the zoo in Portland where we went for a family vacation last month.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I thought this was funny and thought I would share

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jordan opening her presents

I like this video and I like Jemmas reaction when Jordan opens her present

Carnival Party

before and after. fireplace

Birthdays for Jordan and Jemma

This summer has been a lot of fun and we had some fun birthdays. first we had Jordans bday party in august it was a big success, it was a carnival party and we had a lot of family and friends there. she had a blast. the coolest part was the face painting. Rob did Jordans face and she loved it. than in September we had Jemmas bday party. we had a very full house with all our family in town there were nine cousins and aunts and uncles from both sides with both grandparents. these girls are so lucky to live close to family.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

11 fingered women

So when we were in Hawaii the last night rob and I were doing some shopping for the girls and we got them some cute little necklaces, the women who sold them to us had 11 fingers, she had an extra little thumb. when we got home to Washington we told Jordan about this and without even thinking she asked me if the women likes to play Where s Thumkin. it was amazing and so funny. little kids are great and the best thing is that they don't even try to be sometimes. I wish I was smart enough to think of that.
Just thought I would share that funny moment